Jom Blueline Coilover

The JOM Blueline coilovers are a well established and exciting brand. With so many coilovers on the market it’s hard to make a decision which brand to choose. The supreme quality and performance of the JOM Blueline coilovers may help influence your decision. We have seen numerous budget/cheap coilovers over the years and the JOM Blueline brand comes top for value for money. They can only be described as superb!

The JOM Blueline coilover suspension has been designed to compete with the numerous budget coilover brands which have recently flooded the market. The JOM Blueline coilovers have been built to a very high standard and therefore pass the all important TUV quality standards test. Many of the cheaper budget coilovers do not carry the TUV seal of approval indicating a lower build quality. With JOM Blueline coilovers you have the peace of mind that comes with the German TUV quality certificate indicating superb build quality and finish.

Each JOM Blueline coilover has been designed to ride firmer than the factory fitted suspension. The damping is approx. 25-30% stiffer and gives a firm yet forgiving ride. The springs are powder coated and the kit also benefits from built in bump stops, helper springs and shorter piston rods which also help provide a smooth ride. Each JOM coilover kit will lower your car a maximum of 30mm-95mm on most applications.