ULTRA Development (UTR), aims ‘to go beyond’ to enhance the quality of our products and today, we are one of the most eye-catching brands in the auto parts market. UTR, originally known as ULTRA also bears the meaning of ‘Ultimate • Tension • Reinforce’. Therefore, we are continuously working towards developing our most ‘outside the range of limit’ products to exceed the quality of the normal products in the current market in order to sustain our reputation in the auto parts market. These lead to our success in obtaining the SIRIM certification and The Asia Pacific Golden Brand Products by Global Business Magazine.

Since its first day, UTR provide 4 categories of performance auto products namely UTR Air Intake Power System (Air & Fuel), UTR Ignition Power System (Power/Voltage), UTR Motorsports Performance System & UTR Chassis Stabilizer System, all these criteria are the life-blood of a good car.